Exhibit Tour


Touring Exhibition Schedule

28 March – ongoing 2013 – The Kasian Gallery, University of Calgary, Canada.

17 Nov 6 2012 –  17 Mar 2013 – UB Anderson Gallery, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA.

8 Nov 2011- 18 Feb 2012 – Atrium Gallery, Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.




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The main outcome of the Strip Appeal competition will be the creation of a travelling exhibit and bookwork that will tour planning departments and architecture/design schools across North America throughout 2012. Drawing on our contacts at CRSC the exhibit will travel to:

Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, Montreal, North Carolina, San Diego, Huston, Washington State, Oregon, Minnesota and Montana. Exact locations t.b.c.


First Prize 

  • Cash prize of $1000.
  • Showcased in travelling exhibit and bookwork.


Runner Up and Public Choice Prize

  • Cash prizes ($500 each).
  • Showcased in travelling exhibit and bookwork.


The remaining shortlisted finalists will also be featured in the traveling exhibit. A selection of these will also feature in the bookwork, which is to be published by the University of Alberta. All the shortlisted entries will be featured in the web-gallery.

A special issue of CURB magazine will be also be devoted to documenting the competition and its outcomes. CURB Magazine is a forum for imagining a prosperous and sustainable future and finding ways to make city-regions a great place to live. Curb articles are policy-relevant and accessible to a diverse audience including urban planners and designers, elected officials and administrators, architects, developers, and people interested in community development.