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by Jasper Hilkhuijsen and Geraldine Li
Site: Enschede, The Netherlands


Geraldine Li (Hong Kong, 1984)

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Geraldine obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Architectural Studies) in the University of Hong Kong.  Her experience in the highly commercial field of architecture in Hong Kong did not satisfy her interest in the more humanistic side of the profession. In 2007 she began her Master of Science degree in Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. She participated in research studios in Mumbai and Havana which investigated the influence of socio- political dynamics in architecture and urban planning. Geraldine is currently working at a renowned Dutch architectural office based in Rotterdam.

Jasper Hilkhuijsen (Delft, 1985)

While studying the double master of Urbanism and Architecture at Delft University of Technology, Jasper soon discovered his interest in the link between different scale levels. Being aware of the fact that architecture and urbanism are not so much about aesthetics but much more about social and political responsibilities, his designs, whether big or small, are always about people. After graduating with distinction in 2010, Jasper is now working as an urbanist and landscape architect at a Rotterdam based office.