Queen Mary Park*

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by Katrina Chaves, Daryl Randa and Adam Shamchuk
Site: Edmonton, AB


Adam Shamchuk has a large, viking-like beard. He and his beard live with his wife Jacquelyn in Edmonton, Alberta. Adam received a BA in Human Geography from the University of Alberta in 2010.

Daryl Randa just recently graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Human Geography, and is strongly interested in urban planning issues and the built environment. In the coming years, he will be undertaking a Master of Architecture degree and will continue to focus on issues of sustainability, follow the philosophies of LEED, Net Zero and Passive House buildings, and continue to explore other theories, practices and technologies that will help to foster a better environment both built and natural.

Katrina Chaves has a passion for great places. She deeply enjoys travelling and learning about the different ways cities and towns look, feel and function. Katrina graduated from the University of Alberta in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Geography and Political Science.