Harbin China

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by Liu Chang, Chen Huizhen, Zhao Jian, Liu Ruolin, Du Tiantian, Chen Hongyan
Site: Harbin China


We come from different provinces in China: Hei Longjiang, Zhejiang, Shan Dong, Guang Dong, Jiang Su. But we are all now gathered in Harbin Institute of Technology, Hei Longjiang province, where we are studying hard for our Masters Degree. We all received our Bachelor Degree 6 months ago.

We are fascinated by this topic, as our chosen site was just beside our school yard, and it has been problematic since 5 years ago. We have a lot of thoughts to change the situation as our submission proves. We hope to get the opportunity to keeping working together to effect change at this site.

Thanks goodness, we run into "Strip Appeal" on the internet!!!