Fix the Strip

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by Loretta Foley and Kristin Smith, Urban Systems
Site: Edmonton, AB


Kirstin and Loretta met at work in 2005 and have been collaborating ever since. They each bring their own passions to the table but their underlying motivation is the same: create great work that will leave communities better than they were before.

Loretta Foley:

Loretta is a planner at Urban Systems Ltd. who loves any reason to have to break out coloured markers and tracing paper. Loretta works with municipalities, developers, and non-profit organizations to help them meet their land use and environmental goals. Her favourite projects include the following elements: meaningful community engagement, a willingness to explore new ideas, and a focus on long term benefits for everyone involved. Loretta has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Human Geography from the University of Alberta and is also a LEED Green Associate. 

Kirstin Smith:

Kirstin is a self-professed design junkie and a design specialist at Urban Systems Ltd., where she provides visual communications, site design, industrial design, and marketing to a wide range of planning projects. Kirstin has a Bachelor of Design from the University of Alberta, a diploma in Fine Arts from Red Deer College, and she is in the process of completing a Certificate in Urban Design through Simon Fraser University. Kirstin was a founding member of the Industrial Designers of Edmonton Association (IDEA) and exhibited designs including lighting, street furniture, and skateboard graphics in seven of their shows. She is currently involved in planning their upcoming 10th Anniversary show, to be held in 2012.